Pilates For Posture With Christine

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About My Classes


My classes are all mat work based and I use small equipment as and when appropriate to the class.  The classes are varied and offer low impact exercises to promote good posture, core stability and to mobilise the joints throughout the total body. 


The number of Clients within a class are limited to enable adequate attention to be given to ensure safety and that each Client can perform each exercise to their own best ability.


All Beginners Classes start from the very basics and gradually the challenge is increased with appropriate variations given to allow all individuals to work to their own ability.


Demonstrations are given with verbal choreography and reminders.


Individual 1-1 Sessions:


A 1-1 Session offers you the chance to work on an individual basis and is normally for 1-hour.  These sessions are suitable for those requiring more attention due to an injury, those wishing to progress or those who feel more comfortable working on a 1-1 basis.  The Lesson Plan is individually tailored to suit your needs and requirements and can give you the opportunity to work on areas that are specific to you.


A 1-1 Session gives you the opportunity to work at your own personal pace and ability.  This allows you to steadily progress which you can continue yourself within the class environment.


These sessions can be arranged at your own home and prices start from £30.00 per hour.


If not suitable, the session could be held at one of the venues.  Cost and availability is dependent on the location.




  Photograph Courtesy of Body Control Pilates