Pilates For Posture With Christine

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The equipment that I use - mats and exercise bands for example - is all portable and I can offer Pilates Classes at your Workplace (Enfield and surrounding areas).  If you have an empty Conference Room, Board Room where desks and chairs can be moved or any clear available space for mats, classes can be arranged for either a lunch time or evening *


We spend much of our time working over computers, sitting and standing for long periods of times during our working day and this can have an adverse affect on our posture and can lead to back, shoulder and neck pain.  This in turn can lead to Staff having to take time off work.

Pilates is a great method to release tension, relaxing the body and working the spine and joints of the body.  Tension can cause stress as well as pain and Pilates can help you feel more relaxed and in turn sleep better and have more clarity of mind.

With the classes being held at the Workplace, your Staff do not even need to go home and leave again to do a work-out!

Lunch time classes would be 45-minutes and more gentle so that you perspire less and can put on a dress / suit without any worries.

Evening classes would be 1-hour and could, over time and practice, become more challenging, but importantly with individuals working to their own ability.

A set-up and clear-up time is required on either side.


Please contact me on the number below or via the Contact Page on this Web Site if you would like any further information or would like me to visit your Office to discuss and arrange a taster session(s).




* times are dependent on availability