Pilates For Posture With Christine

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Photograph by Richard Clarke


I started Pilates at the beginning of 2004 and became addicted!  I loved the way in which it changed the way in how I started to feel about my own self image and, therefore, my own self confidence.

Back in October 2007, I had to have major surgery.  I remember the first time having to stand after my operation and remembered being taught "Standing Correctly In Parallel" - connect the abdominals, feet hip width apart, feel the weight evenly under the feet and have a feeling of being "grounded".  I was able to stand with confidence.

I was back to Pilates as soon as possible and soon felt the benefits.  In 2009, I approached my own Pilates Teacher with the view to training to becoming a Teacher myself.  I did my training with Body Control Pilates with their fantastic training scheme, Teacher Trainers along with my own Teacher.  I am now a Level 3 Mat Work Pilates Teacher and a member of REP's (Register of Exercise Professionals).

My aim is to  enable others to feel the benefits of Pilates as I still do now.

I look forward to seeing YOU SOON.